Our Story

Our names are Katie and Tucker. We first met at a conference for summer camps in the little town of Boerne, Texas. At the time, Katie was working as the High School Programs Director for a summer camp and I was representing a company that provided Lifeguard and CPR/First Aid training, as well as supplemental guide services.

We didn’t quite know it at the time, but the visions and dreams we had for our individual futures would soon become intertwined. Our individual dreams share many similarities. We both want to own property. We both want to operate a retreat center that connects people to the healing power of Nature.

The exact details of how we arrive at our dream remain a mystery. But we are both working hard and we are confident in our ability to achieve anything we set our minds to.

This website was created to cohesively share some of the projects and content we are each, individually, creating. Katie is the host of the Wander Well Podcast and has mentored hundreds of women over the last decade to step into their truth and find empowerment. Now, she is just days away from launching a course designed to help you Manifest Your Best Life. 

Tucker has been shaping the foundation of a location-independent lifestyle supported by freelance writing for more than 5 years. He is the voice behind The Backpack Guide and Ballister Writing blogs and he is also an outdoor kayaking, hiking, and mountain biking guide when not sitting behind his computer screen.

We are humbled that you have chosen to visit our site and we would love to know more about your adventure lifestyle, career path, or manifestation journey.